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Open Relationships, Shameless Sexuality, Purposeful Achievement……What?!?

Welcome to Sex Transmutation, the number one resource for authentic living as a sexual being in modern society. Reading the subtitle about open relationships etc I can hear you going: “What is this site about?”

This site exists to show you that there is another way to Love & LiveA way that aligns with your values, not the traditional values of monogamous society.

A way of life that helps you grow spiritually, gives you freedom, and satisfies your desires beyond your dreams.

You can achieve this by following these 3 principles.


1. Practice the Art of Sex Transmutation.

By harnessing the power of your (sexual) energy (e.g. by abstaining from ejaculation for men, avoiding excessive shopping for women) you make sure that the driving force of life can freely flow through you. I realize this might sound “out there” but just compare yourself before and after an ejaculation and you will know exactly what I mean. Excessive ejaculation or other forms of release deplete you of the necessary creative energy and motivation for living life on your own terms, achieving your goals and dreams.


2. Own your Desires without Shame.

Suppressing your sexual essence and desires is so common in this society that you are probably not even aware of doing it. Let me ask you the following. Do you…….

  1. Feel ashamed to admit a desire for a threesome, or some other sexual fantasy?
  2. Hide a desire for sexual variety, even though deep down you know you would love it?
  3. Think it is hurtful to your wife/husband to express attraction to another person?
  4. Believe that wanting more than one sexual partner is somehow immoral?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, you have been conditioned into believing that there something wrong about your natural desires. Perhaps you have the feeling that it would be immoral, immature, fearing commitment, hurtful, and so on. Let me tell you this: As long as you are open and honest about your desires and intentions, there is nothing wrong with any of the above!

If you are to live a free and happy life of your choosing, it is important that you learn to accept and even embrace your sexual nature. As you will learn, your sex drive is an expression of creative life itself, and should not be oppressed, shamed or hidden. This goes for all other desires you have too.


3. Set Love Free in all your Relationships.

Once you learn to embrace your nature as a free, loving, sexual creature it is time to start redefining your relationships to make space for love and sexual energy to move freely in your interactions with the opposite sex. Traditional (monogamous) relationships are built around trying eliminating fear, false security and comfort, not free love and guilt free sex.

Open/polyamorous relationships, when done right, are built from the basis of being unapologetic about your own authentic desires AND the authentic desires of the other person. wherever these desires match, you have a relationship. See the link below for more about my journey in the land of open, polyamorous relationships.

Chances are you have experienced a feeling of “Is this it”? somewhere in your life. This might have been in your career, in your relationship or another part of your life. Whenever this feeling creeps up on you, realize that it is a sign. Do not put your head down and grind on “because that is what you are supposed to do” or “that is what everyone does”. No, and especially when everyone else does something, it is time to pause and reflect (thank you Mark Twain).

“Is this it?“. Follow that question and see where it leads you, even though it is scary as hell. You can better feel fear for a short while than to feel regret forever.

Even though I haven’t figured it all out myself, I will be there with you, sharing my journey with you. Will you join me?

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Let this be the start of a great a life.

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